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    Glad you blogging again. Nancy

    If you haven't seen it yet, if you love DA and US/DS, then look into buying the series "The Duchess of Duke Street." It's my all-time favorite British series, hands down. US/DS was fabulous (the original one, not the modern one) but Duchess of Duke Street is to die for. Gemma Jones is genius in her role as the real-life "best cook in England" Rosa Lewis (called Louisa Trotter in the series). You will find yourself watching this series over and over - actually there is series 1 and series 2 so you would want both. Downton Abbey is too commercialized for me...I like the real thing and DoDS is so perfect.

    I agree with your post and the comments. Like Harry Potter -- whose every scene references some great British children's classic -- DA trots out every plot twist and character of the venerable series/movies that went before it. Like you, I was really surprised when they lifted the horticulture prize scene straight out of Mrs. Miniver and expected a twist like Dame Maggie saying, "Bwah hahahaha, I'm keeping the prize for myself!" But, no, they stole the whole thing verbatim.

    I also loved The Duchess of Duke Street but suspect you've seen it already. And nothing can beat U,D as you note.

    I was so excited to see Season 3 that I now pay to have a British IP address so that I can watch it online. I've seen the Season 3 Christmas special that everyone is buzzing about. And I will continue to watch DA, but not with the same enthusiasm as the first two seasons.

    The upside has been having access to all British programming online including all the BBC channels that often run Italian and French mysteries and music programs as well as ITV and F1 racing live and let's not forget soccer matches which we would never see here in the US.

    So it's all good, but I'm turning my attention to other shows that haven't made it to the US yet like The Hour and the new Sherlock episodes which should be out soon.

    Happy New Year!

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that View TV Abroad is having a sale for new subscribers which I took advantage of. At $10.99 a month, it's cheaper than a bad movie at the cinema!

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